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High voltage pulsed electric field sterilization realizes the preservation of green food

at present, there are a large number of students in the food industry. 3. Calibrate the instrument according to the rules of use. The milk, beverage, fruit juice, etc. produced by the instrument are all sterilized by high-temperature heat treatment, which destroys the original natural color, aroma and flavor of the food, and causes the loss of the environmental stiffness testing machine ingredients of the Ying Jinan testing machine factory, The original activity of food is lost, while causing huge energy consumption

high voltage pulsed electric field sterilization is a technology to replace the high-temperature pasteurization widely used in the food industry at present. It is a green fresh-keeping technology with non thermophysical properties, no pollution, and can maintain the original nutritional flavor of food. It is a modern innovative high-tech means with less energy consumption, low cost, and less equipment investment than high-temperature sterilization. High voltage pulsed electric field sterilization technology is to realize the non heating sterilization and fresh-keeping mechanism of food through the perforation effect of harmful bacterial film of flowing food such as milk and beverage through the strong pulsed electric field generated by high voltage pulsed electric field

this research and some applications have been started abroad, and China is still a blank stage. Two pump independent oil supply sections with two flow specifications can be adopted in China. Therefore, the Provincial Natural Science Foundation Project "Research on the application of high voltage pulsed electric field sterilization to achieve green food preservation technology" undertaken by Harbin University of Commerce has made technical preparations and project research after a large number of searches and data collection, so that the technology can be applied to industrial production as soon as possible. After more than two years of research, the research group has preliminarily completed the research scheme of high-voltage pulsed electric field sterilization power system, and proposed a pulse modulator scheme applied to food sterilization. Through research, it is determined that: 1. Different strains have different tolerance to pulsed electric field; 2. Electric field intensity is the main factor that makes bacteria lose vitality; 3. The number of electric pulses affects the sterilization effect; 4. The temperature of liquid food also affects the sterilization effect

source: Li Gang of Harbin University of Commerce

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