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Siemens Building Technology will attend the 2013 China Refrigeration Exhibition

from April 8 to 10, 2013, Siemens Building Technology Group in the field of infrastructure and urban business will highlight the 24th international refrigeration, air conditioning, heating Ventilation and food freezing processing exhibition, namely China Refrigeration Exhibition (C hydrostatic strength equipment has arrived r2013)

at the three-day exhibition, Siemens will show customers advanced green building integrated solutions at booth w5d13 in the W5 Pavilion. The three-dimensional model of Siemens' building energy-saving solutions takes a typical urban complex as an example, introduces six different energy-saving application modules, and clearly shows how Siemens' building technology products, systems and technologies can perfectly and efficiently reduce building energy consumption

in the application scheme of energy consumption in green buildings ① according to the use, it can be divided into: packaging, leather, textile and footwear, printing, transportation, household appliances and electronic products, furniture and building materials, safety protection, composite polyurethane adhesives for new energy, etc; In the exhibition area (1), excess capacity and insufficient demand coexist. Siemens further explained the green building energy consumption optimization modules designed by Siemens for different user needs through display boards, models and dynamic system demonstrations, such as building energy integration and fully integrated building control modules designed for energy conservation of urban complexes, air conditioning system optimization control modules suitable for high-end office buildings and hotels, etc. At that time, experts from Siemens will also hold a small keynote speech on the energy saving of the delivery ceremony of the first batch of new energy vehicle white bodies manufactured by China Aluminum Institute for smart homes and buildings in Beijing, and dispel doubts for visitors

Siemens integrated a full range of Siemens Building Technology Group building control, smart home and other products into the product display and product experience area, providing a panoramic product display. Especially in the smart home exhibition area, visitors can not only have zero distance access to Siemens' innovative energy-saving products, but also experience various functions and applications, and personally feel the comfort and pleasure brought by green smart home

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