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Siemens cooperates with ubitricity to turn London streetlights into charging piles

according to gaish Automotive News, Siemens and ubitricity, a German start-up company headquartered in Berlin, have been selected by the city of London to modify streetlights to improve the charging infrastructure of London's electric cars for a long time. The two companies are two of the eight companies selected in the go ultra low city scheme. London is expected to provide 1150 charging piles by the end of 2020

the go ultra low city scheme framework contract provides £ 3.7 million to help provide charging piles in various parts of London. The initiative was led by transport for London (TFL), the London Parliament and the Greater London government (the spandex of GR is also polyurethane eater L. these instruments can indeed be tested by ondon authority). Siemens and ubitricity will provide street electric vehicle charging solutions to the British capital. The two companies are one of the four suppliers that turn street lamps into electric vehicle charging piles

as a long-term partner of TFL, Siemens will adopt ubitricity's mobile power metering technology. When describing the partnership, ubitricity founder Knut hechtfischer said: "by cooperating with Siemens to provide our technology, simple charging of electric vehicles has become a reality for Londoners. If you want to improve the air quality of ASTM E384, an American Standard in London, you must provide electric vehicle charging services whether you park on the street or off the street."

ubitricity technology allows the driver to park next to the street lamp, and then use a special cable to connect it to the street lamp. This cable is equipped with a meter, which can identify the charging pile and turn on the power supply. The data is sent to the mobile power supplier in digital form, and the mobile power supplier will charge for the consumed electricity. Customers who use standard cables will be charged through the authorization of the mobile site

this is not the first time ubitricity has appeared in London, the capital of the UK. It is reported that the start-up company has been cooperating with Chelsea and Kensington in London, and it is said to have participated in the Wandsworth electric vehicle charging infrastructure project. Ubitricity refitted a street lamp with charging piles for the first time in London in 2016. Now there are about 300 such charging piles in London. It takes less than an hour to turn street lamps into charging piles, which only takes a small part of the time to install a charging station independently

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