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Siemens builds China's first "digital enterprise"

the picture shows the production workshop scene of the digital chemical plant of Siemens' industrial automation products production and R & D base in Chengdu

on September 11, 2013, China's first Siemens digital enterprise platform factory (sewc), the same as Siemens' Amberg electronics manufacturing factory (EWA) in Germany, was completed and put into operation in Chengdu. It is the Chengdu production and R & D base of Siemens' industrial automation products. At present, the Amberg factory in Germany produces 1million parts per month, that is, one product per second on average. According to Siemens' strategic vision, the future Chengdu plant will also hit this record

this is an amazing and mysterious factory. I was lucky to enter this digital enterprise on September 17

Digital Enterprise: it control in the production process

in 2011, the manager of Siemens Amberg factory in Germany decided to export the successful experience of Amberg factory to China. This is inseparable from the fact that the Chinese sales market accounts for 20% of Amberg's output. Siemens made a major strategic decision: Siemens not only built a production plant in Chengdu, China, but also established a research and development organization. At the same time, it is believed that this is the only way to quickly and efficiently meet the specific requirements of Chinese customers and launch new products in time. This also shows that most of Siemens' SIMATIC products exclusively sold in the Chinese market in the future will be produced in China

Siemens Chengdu factory has become one of the most advanced electronic factories in the world, and it is the first digital enterprise established by Siemens outside Germany. The technology adopted by Chengdu factory is the same as that of Amberg factory. From R & D and product design to manufacturing and processing, all production processes have achieved it control. Nxteamcenter is a high-performance PLM (product lifecycle management system) program, which can ensure the direct exchange of data between the product development department and the manufacturing center. These programs can help developers set up an anchor chain tensile strength testing machine, which is composed of main oil cylinder, frame, auxiliary oil cylinder and gripper, and simulate new products. Then all product information is forwarded from the R & D process to simaticit production execution system to control the whole production process in real time. The system receives the latest information from its production products. Through its unique bar code, each workpiece will continuously provide countless sensors with information about its status, requirements, and the next production process. Siemens plans to produce many different models of products in Amberg and Chengdu in the future, which is the only way to easily manage increasingly complex products. This system will greatly simplify the data sharing among developers, product engineers and production engineers

Siemens Chengdu plant is responsible for the research and development of Siemens' global industrial automation products. Research and development is the starting point of the data chain of the digital chemical plant. The data generated in the research and development link is transmitted in real time through various systems of the plant, and the data is updated synchronously, which avoids the errors that may occur in traditional manufacturing enterprises due to poor communication, thus improving efficiency. According to relevant data, the collaborative rapid research and development of digital chemical plants can shorten the time to market by 50%

the new product developed by Siemens Chengdu factory was born from the product development solution NX software of Siemens PLM. It supports all aspects of product development, from design to engineering and manufacturing, and integrates multidisciplinary simulation. It can also provide solutions for a full range of advanced parts manufacturing applications, which can not be achieved by other computer-aided design software

the R & D personnel carry out simulation design and assembly through NX software to truly achieve 100% visibility. The application of NX software to realize digital design shortens the iteration cycle from design to analysis, reduces the programming time by 90%, and accelerates the development speed. The products designed by NX software have their own proprietary data information. On the one hand, these data are transmitted to the production line through cam (computer aided manufacturing system) to prepare for the next manufacturing process; On the other hand, writing into TeamC, the data center of digital chemical plant, can also be used in the high-precision speed calibration enter software for quality, procurement, logistics and other departments to share

when different departments call data, they use the shared document library to quickly connect to all parties through the trunk channel. When the data is updated, the data can be obtained at the first time, which makes the work of sewc R & D team simple, efficient and transparent

Digital Enterprise: flexible manufacturing zero defect production

as the latest digital enterprise in the global production and R & D system of Siemens industrial automation, Siemens Chengdu factory has realized a high degree of digitization from product design to manufacturing process. The simaticipc3000 smart tailored by sewc for Chinese industrial users was put into production as the first industrial computer developed and manufactured, and mass production was achieved on the same day. Siemens has successfully brought the sustainable manufacturing technology of modern industrial production defined by digitalization, automation, greening and virtualization to China

what comes into view is a three-dimensional, fully transparent digital enterprise. Sewc will set the automated logistics three-dimensional warehouse on the first floor and the production workshop on the second floor. In the visiting corridor, each production link of the whole workshop can be seen at a glance. The four automatic production lines are arranged in an orderly and continuous manner. After the materials are sent to the decomposition section from the hoist of the first process, the decomposed materials are quickly sent to each production station. The operator obtains the installation information by scanning with a scanning gun. If it is necessary to replenish the materials, he can press the button for a few minutes

see that the four products produced by the flexible mixed line are installed at the same time, and the components of each station are accurate and occupy zero space. Even the complex packaging stations are neat as before. Every day, the electronic task list generated by Siemens MES manufacturing execution system will be displayed on the computer touch screen in front of the operator's workbench. The interval of real-time data exchange is less than 1 second, and the operator can see the latest version at any time

Siemens MES system simaticit covers the production planning and scheduling functions of traditional manufacturing enterprises. There is no paper task list, and the production order is issued uniformly by MES. Under the high integration with ERP system, the real-time transmission of production plan, material management and other data is realized. Simaticit integrates plant information management, production maintenance management, material traceability and management, equipment management, quality management, manufacturing KPI analysis and other functions to ensure a high degree of collaboration between plant management and production

sewc production workshop can't see 5. Main functions and features: see woven cables and pipelines. Dai Jiming, manager of excellent operation Department of Siemens industrial automation Chengdu production and R & D base, said that they use the way of arranging power pipelines on the top of the first floor, but the pipelines are not so rare. Problems can be repaired in the shortest time. If the layout of the production workshop changes, it can be switched freely without stopping production. It is reported that the fifth production line will be installed in the production workshop by the end of the year. It can be seen that this digital enterprise has used the factory to the extreme

quality is made, not tested. Sewc divides quality into three stages: R & D quality, process quality and product quality. Follow the global unified R & D, production and quality standards, and carry out full digital management of orders, finance, product design, production planning, production implementation, logistics and quality. Siemens PLM (product life cycle management) software is used to realize seamless information interconnection and make the factory fully transparent through virtualized product design and planning. Use the manufacturing execution system simaticit and fully integrated automation solution (TIA) to integrate products and the whole production life cycle. Sewc's forward-looking design gives the factory great flexibility, which can meet the flexible mixed production of different products, and make a reasonable plan for future capacity adjustment. Visual inspection is a unique quality inspection method in digital chemical plants. The product image taken by the machine is compared with the correct image in the team center data platform, and the component defects are clear at a glance. The transparency of quality data in the production process enables sewc to achieve reliable zero defect production

sewc mainly produces SIMATIC industrial automation products, which are widely used in automotive, metallurgy, petrochemical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, infrastructure projects and other industrial fields. Advanced automation technology will provide great potential for the optimization and upgrading of industrial enterprises. Andreasbukenberger, technical director of sewc, once said that in the next 15 years, if our products have sufficient market demand, the scale of sewc will triple. To achieve this goal, the production quality and enterprise scale of Siemens Chengdu plant will be comparable to that of Amberg plant

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