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Behind the upgrading of agricultural mechanization

at present, China's agricultural production has fully entered a new stage dominated by mechanized operations. Agricultural mechanization has begun to involve all aspects of agricultural production and integrated into a wide range of areas of the industrial chain in which the north and price of finished products are not ideal. This year's national agricultural work conference further clarified the work layout of "four advances and one stability" to promote structural adjustment, green development, innovation driven, rural reform and stable grain production. In particular, promoting the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and accelerating the construction of agricultural modernization are undoubtedly new requirements for agricultural mechanization

in order to thoroughly implement the spirit deployment of the central rural work conference and the national agricultural work conference, Tieling City highlights the five development concepts, focuses on promoting the structural reform of the supply side of agricultural machinery, adheres to seeking progress in stability, serving the overall situation, optimizing management, adding momentum, making up for weaknesses, and expanding the main body, and constantly promotes the upgrading of agricultural mechanization, providing a support of 2.4 percentage points higher than that of the previous month for the development of agricultural economy

At present, the demand structure of Agricultural Mechanization in Tieling City is undergoing profound changes: from the perspective of operation area, the whole process mechanization of crop production is developing rapidly in plain areas, and the development of mountainous areas is relatively lagging behind; In terms of operating varieties, the mechanization of the production of major grain crops has developed rapidly, while the key links of the production of economic crops such as peanuts and soybeans have developed slowly; From the perspective of agricultural machinery products, the varieties of agricultural machinery equipment are increasing, and the product performance is improving. However, the lack of doors and gears and the overcapacity of medium and low-end coexist. The reliability and applicability of machines and tools need to be improved, and structural contradictions still exist. In view of the shortcomings existing on the supply side, Tieling City has continuously made efforts to develop weak links through innovative work ideas and new ways, methods and measures

strive to improve the mechanization level of agricultural production in mountainous areas. The low level of agricultural production mechanization in mountainous areas has seriously affected the whole process and all-round development of Agricultural Mechanization in the whole city. Filling this gap is of great significance to promote the whole process mechanization of grain production in cities and counties. In this regard, Tieling Agricultural Machinery Department adheres to the problem orientation, constantly increasing the tilt of Agricultural Mechanization in mountainous areas, focusing on the development of small and medium horsepower, portable and economic agricultural machinery in mountainous areas. In order to better promote agricultural machinery and equipment suitable for mountain operation, on April 19, a site meeting on the mechanization of spring ploughing production in mountainous areas of the city was held in lichanhu Town, Tieling county. The multi-functional soil preparation machine, no till planter and corn harvester with a maximum operating slope of 30 degrees were displayed on the site. Through field operations, farmers in mountainous areas have greatly improved their understanding and acceptance of agricultural mechanization

vigorously improve the weak links of mechanized production of cash crops. It is understood that Tieling currently has 64000 hectares of vegetables, 28000 hectares of peanuts, 8700 hectares of soybeans, 11300 hectares of potatoes and nearly 28700 hectares of other crops. It can be said that cash crops play a very important role in Tieling rural economy. Accelerating the development of cash crop production mechanization is of great significance for changing the development mode of agricultural mechanization and optimizing the development structure of agricultural mechanization. In recent years, while focusing on the development of the whole process mechanization of rice and corn production, Tieling has vigorously coordinated and promoted the mechanized production of cash crops, and continuously improved the mechanized operation rate of key links such as potato seed and machine harvest, soybean machine harvest, etc. the whole process mechanization level of cash crop production has shown an upward trend year by year

fully optimize the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment. Guided by agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, actively optimize the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment. Strictly follow the policy of "reducing the scope, controlling the quota, and promoting openness" to carry out subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, give priority to the promotion of advanced and applicable, energy-saving and environmental protection, high-efficiency duplex, safe and reliable machines and tools that support the green development and sustainable development of agriculture, and focus on open subsidies for energy-saving and environmental protection machines and tools such as subsoiling and land preparation, no tillage and seeding, and straw returning to the field. This year, Tieling City won a total of 80.6 million yuan of national agricultural machinery purchase subsidies from its superiors, and adjusted the scope of subsidies to 9 categories, 23 subcategories and 47 items. Driven by subsidies, the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment has been further optimized, and structural contradictions have been significantly alleviated

implement three measures to vigorously promote new agricultural machinery technology

in order to accelerate the promotion of new agricultural machinery technology, Tieling will "focus on green development, promote the promotion and application of efficient and economical agricultural mechanization technology" as one of the key tasks of the city's agricultural mechanization this year. It has taken three measures to focus on the promotion of advanced agricultural mechanization technologies such as deep loosening and land preparation of agricultural machinery, conservation tillage and comprehensive utilization of straw, and has implemented carbon based fertilizer Dry direct seeding of rice and other technical pilot work

widely publicize and guide, make full use of networks, radio and television, newspapers and magazines and other channels to carry out the publicity of new agricultural machinery technologies, and vigorously promote new agricultural machinery technologies such as conservation tillage, subsoiling and land preparation, straw returning and utilization, and the whole process mechanization of grain crop production. From March 6 to 8, Tieling Agricultural Machinery Department hosted the 8th Liaoning (Tieling) modern agricultural machinery equipment exhibition and trade fair, and distributed a large number of new technology leaflets and brochures on the science popularization collection of the exhibition. Through increasing publicity, not only farmers' understanding of new agricultural machinery technology has been strengthened, but also their enthusiasm for the application of new agricultural machinery technology has been improved

on site demonstration, By holding free "The market price of degradable plastics is 2 (3) times that of ordinary plastic products. Field meetings such as conservation tillage, subsoiling and land preparation, comprehensive utilization of straw, and corn harvester will allow farmers to intuitively understand and feel the advantages of new agricultural machinery technologies and machines. Agricultural machinery professional cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households are specially invited to attend the meeting to observe and study, which greatly speeds up the promotion of new agricultural machinery technologies and machines.

strengthen technical training and compete in spring farming production Previously, the municipal and County Agricultural Machinery Extension technicians were organized to carry out extensive technical training on mechanized rice seedling raising and transplanting, mechanized precision sowing of corn, and conservation. I believe that there will be a certain number of technical training for everyone, such as helpful farming, subsoiling and land preparation. By organizing centralized training for the principals and drivers of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, conducting comparative test fields in places where conditions permit, and demonstrating the advantages and characteristics of new agricultural machinery technology on site, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households can accurately grasp the new situation of agricultural machinery development, have the courage to adopt new agricultural machinery technology to carry out agricultural production, further improve the level of Agricultural Mechanization in the city, and promote the development process of modern agriculture

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