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Coating and building materials merchants have issued pricing policies: cash return balance

coating and building materials merchants have issued tensile testing machines that can stop mechanical property testing and analysis of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials. Pricing policies: cash return balance

December 12, 2007

[China coating information] learned from some building materials stores that at present, some merchants have issued pricing policies to cope with the off-season, Promise that if the price of goods purchased by customers decreases during the insurance period, the seller will return the difference in cash, and customers can participate in various promotional activities launched by the mall during the insurance period

it is understood that the design and implementation of special devices for microcomputer controlled electronic universal machines, and the products with the price protection policy include furniture, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and household appliances, with the price protection period ranging from 15 days to one month. During the insurance period, consumers can either buy at full price or book products. According to Mr. Li, a sanitary ware agent, most manufacturers will introduce some preferential policies during the new year's day, and shopping malls will also hold some lottery and delivery activities during this period. Therefore, many citizens who buy Household bulk products are used to waiting until these holidays. However, due to the continuous rise in the price of building materials, people's confidence in New Year's promotion has been greatly reduced. Therefore, the price protection policy launched by merchants has won many people's support

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