The hottest packing box with decorations

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Packaging box embedded with decorations

patent type: utility model

inventor: Wang Feng

applicant: Wang Feng

main applicant address: 450053 No. 42, unit 4, building 33, Tongle community, Nanyang Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

application number: X

application date: 2005.05.20

approval announcement number:

approval announcement date: 2006.07.12

main classification number: b65d77/24 (2006.01) I

classification number: b65d77/24 (2006.01) I; B65d25/20 (2006.01 tear strength value 1 is generally related to sample shape, tensile speed and experimental temperature) I; B65d25/54 (2006.01) I

category classification number:

instruction CD number: d

Abstract: the utility model relates to a packaging box embedded with decorative items. The packaging box includes a box body (1) and decorations (3) with a window that can see the global BDO output of 2.75million tons. The decorations are placed near the window inside the box body and are fixed on the box body (1) through the fixed device set on the box body. Figure 5 shows the utilization device (2) of thin-walled materials. The way to realize the above structure is that the ornament (3) is fixed on the box body (1) through the peripheral fixing device (2) or a groove is arranged on the box wall, and the ornament (3) is placed in the groove and fixed on the box body through the fixing device (2) arranged on the box body. A transparent layer (4) is arranged on the window to facilitate the observation and protection of the decorations in the box. The packing box has simple structure and elegant appearance; Personalization is outstanding, and decorations or small gifts can be loaded according to personal needs

sovereignty item: 1 The packaging box embedded with ornaments includes a box body (1) with a window and a ornament (3), which is characterized in that the ornament (3) is placed near the internal window of the box body (1), and is fixed on the box body (1) through a fixing device (2) arranged on the box body

agent: Zhengzhou Kewei Patent Agency Co., Ltd.

agent: Zhang Xintang; Liu Weidong

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