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Packaging vocational training is in the ascendant

compared with the developed countries in Britain and the United States, China's packaging industry is backward, which is not only reflected in the tangible entities such as packaging materials, machinery and equipment, but also in the intangible aspects such as packaging technology and management mode. This is an indisputable fact. In the final analysis, it is reflected in the gap in the basic professional quality of packaging practitioners. Compared with other manufacturing industries, the threshold of the packaging industry is low, which leads to the situation that the professional quality of personnel in the packaging industry is generally low. Although colleges and universities in large and medium-sized cities have opened departments of packaging and printing engineering, they still can not meet the needs of the industry for talents. At the same time, college teaching mostly stays on the theoretical basis, which is seriously divorced from practice. Coupled with the backward industrial level, the knowledge learned lags behind, resulting in an embarrassing situation that even college and technical secondary school graduates majoring in packaging are at a loss in the face of practical work

the Ministry of labor and social security of China has realized that in order to improve the overall level of the packaging industry, we need to work fundamentally, that is, on the quality of personnel, and comprehensively improve the professional quality of employees from both theoretical and practical aspects, not only understanding, but also understanding. Therefore, the China Labor and employment guidance center of the Ministry of labor and social security and the China National Packaging Import and Export Corporation jointly commissioned Beijing Zhongbao Ansheng technology training Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ansheng training") to promote professional packaging and printing training courses nationwide. The reason why AXA training was selected was to focus on its successful experience in introducing the British national packaging professional certification course of the Royal College of packaging, which is still in an important strategic opportunity period of development, as well as the resources of Chinese and foreign packaging experts, hoping to promote domestic vocational education with the help of foreign advanced packaging knowledge and vocational training business model, so as to improve the overall packaging level

after careful market research and analysis, AXA training takes the carton industry with the widest coverage and relatively low business threshold as the preferred industry for this series of packaging and printing training courses. After more than half a year of preparation and planning, AXA training finally launched the "carton professional intermediate training course", and from October 30 to November 2, 2004, the first training course was held in meifuwatong paper products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in Futian tax declaration area of Shenzhen, the Pearl River Delta with a developed carton industry, which marked the packaging A series of training courses for the printing industry officially kicked off

this training course recruited 32 trainees from 11 companies, mainly from Grade 1-3 carton manufacturing enterprises in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shantou and other places, including all inclusive, a professional enterprise providing overall packaging solutions, and the end user, China Great Wall computer (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Some enterprises selected five trainees at one time, and some deputy general managers of enterprises personally took charge of the training, which shows everyone's desire to improve their business level

many students come from the front line of production. Although they have strong practical operation ability, they do not have enough basic theoretical knowledge, resulting in many practical problems, which can not be solved in depth; Or some students come from the middle management. Although they have a little understanding of carton production, they are not systematic. Therefore, this course specially teaches a considerable amount of basic theoretical knowledge, aiming to lay a good foundation for future development. These theoretical knowledge covers almost all aspects of carton production, from the purchase of base paper, paper distribution, to the cardboard production process, from carton production forming to the selection of printing process, from die cutting, binding to the final quality inspection standard. The trainees generally reported that they gained a lot. For example, Miss Liang, who has 10 years of packaging experience in the operation Department of mayfowatone paper products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., said that through the training, "we can improve and understand the whole process of carton packaging, including transportation and some physical properties"; Miss Zeng, the assistant general manager of Dongguan Zhangmutou Junda paper factory, said that the training made her "have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of industry knowledge" and "learn a lot of new knowledge"; Ms. Ji, the deputy general manager of the company, said, "this training covers a wide range... The courses are rich in content and worthy of recommendation"; With 13 years of experience in packaging, Mr. Zhang, the director of the production department of Huabo paper (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., believed that the training had "increased a lot of knowledge mainly in theory and had a deeper understanding of some technical equipment parameters"

of course, in addition to comprehensive theoretical knowledge, this training also emphasizes the combination of theory and practice. The teacher quoted a large number of examples and cases in the explanation, especially for the knowledge of how to conduct cost accounting and how to reduce losses that intermediate technicians and managers should know. By showing various samples for detailed explanation, the students really have a perceptual and rational understanding. For example, Miss Luo of Yanli paper products industry Co., Ltd. said that through training, "the quality inspection of printing quality, corrugated board and carton production has been further improved"

Miss Zhao, the assistant general manager of Shenzhen Yuanyuan paper packaging Co., Ltd., said that the biggest gain was to understand "common quality problems of corrugated board, causes and solutions" and "quality problems caused by improper selection of printing plates"; President Shen of Dongguan Huangjiang shengqian paper factory said that after studying this course, he had a deeper understanding of "some requirements for plate making and ink selection before printing" and "some choices for the number of lines of the embossing roller in printing", and "learned the relevant information of the latest industry standards". As a leader of the company, this information has a positive guiding effect on his work. Ms. song, also the director of the Sales Department of the factory, said that the training gave her a better understanding of "material loss in cost management: 1 mm management"; Mr. Yang of the factory said that through learning, "we can have a deeper understanding of cost accounting, cardboard production process and carton process principle"; Mr. Zheng, the director of the carton Department of the factory, said that the training "provided some theoretical and practical solutions to some abnormal quality problems in production"; Miss Chen, who has 13 years of packaging experience in Yanli paper products industry Co., Ltd., said that she learned about "the role of flexo in paper and printing", "the characteristics of ink and water" and "the quality control and testing of cartons"

it should be admitted that teachers are not omnipotent, and they may not be very proficient in some specific production and management problems. Therefore, the course specially arranges time for students to get to know each other, strengthen the exchange of technology and management experience, allow advanced manufacturers to contribute their own technical know-how and also easily combine advanced management experience with other materials, so as to promote common improvement. Although everyone is a peer and there is competition to some extent, as manager Feng of Zengcheng Qianye Printing Co., Ltd. said, peers are not enemies. Through the exchange, we discussed some technical problems encountered in production, introduced successful management experience, and learned about their production characteristics and enterprise scale, which laid a good foundation for strengthening technical and business cooperation in the future. As Ms. Zhao, the assistant general manager of Shenzhen Yuanyuan paper packaging Co., Ltd., said, such exchanges made her "more clearly understand the gap between our company and peer enterprises". Many students have less contact with the outside world due to their work. Such a course also provides you with an opportunity to learn about other peers. Even teachers feel that they can benefit a lot from discussing and communicating with you. Therefore, while thanking AXA training, students also hope to hold more similar activities. In addition to training courses, they can also hold various seminars, fraternities, etc., so that everyone can have a broader exchange at a deeper level

as the only end-user of this training course, Miss Luo from China Great Wall computer (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. also gained a lot. The training made her "have a relatively comprehensive preliminary understanding of the production, inspection and printing of cartons, and solve some problems in daily work", which made her confident that she could communicate fully with carton suppliers more effectively in her future work, so as to protect her interests within a reasonable range. For such end-users who actively participate in the training to improve their knowledge of cartons, students from carton manufacturing enterprises expressed their warm welcome and appreciation, and also hoped that AXA training could develop training courses specifically for carton end-users as soon as possible, so as to establish a good foundation for equal dialogue. Similarly, some students from level 3 enterprises specializing in carton production also have a preliminary understanding of the problems prone to occur in cardboard production, and have a good idea of quality inspection when purchasing in the future

in order to cooperate with the labor and employment training project carried out by the Ministry of labor and social security nationwide, the program team of "labor and employment" of CCTV-2 specially rushed from Beijing to Shenzhen to conduct a comprehensive interview and report on this course, so as to make more packaging practitioners and leaders of packaging enterprises aware of the importance and urgency of talent training. As Mr. Lai en, general manager of AXA training, said, China's packaging industry is extremely short of professional packaging talents who understand theory, technology and management knowledge. AXA training hopes to make up for such a defect through hard work

4 days is indeed very short, and it is impossible to solve all problems. The training of talents is a long-term process. The valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by students on the course also encourage AXA training to continuously improve the course setting, make it more targeted, and allow more students to benefit, so as to promote the overall business level of employees in China's packaging industry, and finally achieve the goal of improving the level of packaging industry, which will be the goal of AXA training

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