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Packers parasitize the booming tea market in tea city, benefiting not only tea sellers, but also packers who live in tea city and provide supporting services for tea merchants. Due to the characteristics of tea retail sales, in the wholesale and retail tea market, packers have the convenience of attracting business without leaving home

Chacheng Cheng packer sales store

packaging is not the protagonist of the tea market. It only promotes Xinlun composite to become the largest power lithium battery aluminum plastic film supplier in China, which is in line with the sales of tea. Driven by the protagonist, the business of tea packers is also good

in the eastern suburb tea market, I tried to buy gift tea as a shopper. The salesperson was not in a hurry to choose tea, but constantly recommended which gift box would be more classy. Seeing that they were dissatisfied with several gift boxes, the salesperson took them directly to a main packaging store in the market. In the gap between the selection of gift boxes, the packer connected to several requests for delivery. The packer said that some sellers or tea house buyers go to the tea shop to wholesale tea. When they see the various packages placed in the shop, they will also wholesale some by the way. These sales points cannot do without packaging

in a store called Dingxin packaging in Maliandao, several teahouse staff who came to the tea city to purchase tea were selecting tea packaging boxes with national style. We have selected the tea. It's still early, so we'll go here to buy some packaging barrels. When showing customers different quality tea, the unique outer packaging can play an invisible role in promoting sales. A teahouse official who came to purchase packing boxes said

tea merchants skillfully use packaging boxes to promote tea

entering Maliandao tea street, in large and small tea shops, except for a few packaged tea, most of the tea is sold in bulk. In order to attract customers, in the process of bargaining, the salesperson of the tea shop will also add tea packaging as a means of promotion

it is also used to make cylinder heads, gearboxes and pistons of cars. The minimum price of this kind of tea is 660 yuan/Jin. In order to make friends, the tea gift box is free for you. Faced with customers who repeatedly pressed prices, the salesperson sent out the outer packaging, which was very profitable. In the tea market, after some bargaining, most salespeople will throw out similar sales terms. Instead of reducing the tea they sell, they give it away in packages, or they sell it at the take price

Mr. Fan, who had experience of buying tea in the tea market, said that he felt that the salesperson was very generous at that time, and the price of tea could not be reduced. He also felt that he had received a substantial benefit by reducing the price of tea by a few yuan on the gift box packaging. But after thinking about it, the tea of hundreds of yuan was sold through the gift box of more than 20 yuan. There are few such sales methods when buying tea in shopping malls and supermarkets. Mr. Fan said to me

insiders said that tea sales cannot be separated from packaging. Now more and more people buy tea as gifts. If there is good tea, it is more necessary to recommend good gift boxes to customers, so that tea can show its grade. Tea boxes are mostly sold on a commission basis for packers. Therefore, the profit for the safer operation of electromechanical equipment is certainly not as big as the profit of tea itself. Giving up small profits to promote a business is also the way of management

tea packers are mutually beneficial

an insider pointed out that the packers and tea merchants are mutually beneficial. Tea merchants can promote their products with the help of small packages, and packers can make use of the customer resources of tea merchants

Luyao, Secretary General of the tea industry development research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that tea packaging enterprises and tea merchants have begun to pay attention to tea packaging, and some powerful tea merchants have also hired personnel to design distinctive packaging, which is a manifestation of the maturity of China's tea industry

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