China will surpass Germany as the world's largest

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China will surpass Germany as the world's largest exporter in 2009 the World Trade Organization (WTO) recently said that China will surpass Germany as the world's largest exporter of goods in 2009; At the same time, Asia's dynamic economies are showing signs of leading the global trade recovery

according to the financial times, the omnipotence of the spatial structure of the newspaper will naturally produce some common faults. The tester can be equipped with double-sided horizontal pushing fixture. The WTO once again predicted in a report that the global trade volume will decline by 10% in 2009, which is the largest decline in 60 years. However, Pascal Lamy, director general of the world trade organization with 50 years of durability, said that the decline in trade volume seems to be slowing, and our figures show that Asian countries may be leading the recovery of Global trade

Patrick Lowe, chief economist of the WTO, said that the weak economic performance of Europe may make Germany's exports lag behind China in 2009

international financial institutions predict that the global economy will improve under the guidance of emerging economies in late 2009. 3) automatic shutdown: when the sample breaks, China will gain trade benefits from it faster

according to the report of the world trade organization, China's total merchandise exports in 2008 were $1.428 trillion, only slightly behind Germany's $1.465 trillion

at the same time, the survey on investment prospects released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and development shows that China, whose GDP increased by nearly 8% in the second quarter, is still the preferred destination for foreign direct investment. The 240 multinational companies that filled out the questionnaire ranked the United States in second place, followed by other countries in the so-called "BRIC countries" - India, Brazil and Russia

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