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Baota Shanqi new year marketing strategy cooperation meeting

Baota Shanqi new year marketing strategy cooperation meeting

March 2, 2021

jointly build a green era and lead a healthy life. On February 27, 2021, the new year's marketing strategy cooperation meeting and aquatic product project strategy cooperation meeting jointly organized by Shaanxi Baotashan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Jikun Rongsheng Trading Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Sofitel Xi'an

the two teams of the construction and coating sector and the floor paint business department of the company, together with the strategic partners of various projects, gathered in Xi'an to jointly build the strategic blueprint of the enterprise's water-based paint business, comprehensively improve the brand strength of the company's water-based products, increase the construction of terminal channels, and help the strategic partners improve their profitability and expand the development space. It is urgent for the paint transformation

Xu Lide, general manager of innovation technology, Ji Kunrong work effectively. Chen Jianwei, general manager of Gaosheng, and important strategic partners of various projects jointly start a new journey of deepening the development of the company's aquatic product strategy. Li songcai of Shaanxi Baotashan paint Co., Ltd., Yang Xiaoju, marketing director, Xia Chao, sales director, Wang Xiaogang, general manager of floor paint business department, etc. were invited to attend

2021 is the first year for the company to continue to maintain the brand development strategy of "high-end manufacturing service provider" after the integration of freshmen. The company will continue to take "value" as the link, connect employees, suppliers, dealers, customers and national development, and jointly create a new idea for the development of "ecological enterprise"

Shaanxi Baotashan paint Co., Ltd. Li songcai

carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future, and forge a new journey. Mr. Li songcai shared the history of enterprise development, corporate culture, brand development and product innovation in the "aquatic products project strategic cooperation meeting". As a diversified enterprise, the company is firmly and powerfully on the path of becoming a high-end manufacturing service provider from raw materials to formula design step by step in an important stage of development, helping partners change from price competition to value competition, This is a sign that an enterprise has become great from ordinary

Xu Lide, general manager of innovative technology

co building a green era is both a trend and a mission. As a representative of water-based products, architectural coatings have always been the performance synthesis of green and healthy terminals. Xu Lide, general manager of innovation technology, introduced and displayed the company's architectural coating products. High value products, immersive experience, scene design and experiential marketing were all reflected in this strategic cooperation press conference

with the upgrading and development of high-end manufacturing and new retail consumption mode, consumers' requirements for consumption scenarios are increasing, and consumer groups of different ages are changing their original intention of consumption from brand proposition and product experience to green life and comfortable experience space. The company's architectural coatings are also gradually changing from product orientation to end-user orientation, constantly building and developing new strategic cooperation models

Chen Jianwei, general manager of Shaanxi Jikun Rongsheng Trading Co., Ltd.

then Chen Jianwei, general manager of Shaanxi Jikun Rongsheng Trading Co., Ltd., an important strategic cooperative dealer of the company, shared in-depth from the company's development history and three important nodes, as well as the strategic upgrading and marketing deployment of the new era. In the future, branding, standardization, data and information empowerment and the upgrading of multi category services in stores will become a major innovation for strategic dealers

The year 2021 is a new starting point. As a national coating brand, an advocate of green industrial development, and a provider of high-end manufacturing services, the company conforms to the national development trend, seizes the strategic opportunities of the times, always adheres to the enterprise development concept of "integrity of stakeholders, win-win and development", and works with partners and stakeholders to create a vision of the times A worthy and meaningful cause for the society, leading a healthy life, and creating brilliant achievements

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