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In 2010, China will strengthen the intellectual property protection of core technologies

it was learned from the Supreme People's Court on April 19 that this year, the people's court will strengthen the judicial protection of intellectual property rights, and increase the intellectual property protection of core technologies related to new energy, new materials and high-end manufacturing, information networks, life sciences and other fields. Pellethane thermoplastic polyurethane is an ideal material for manufacturing a variety of medical equipment

the Supreme People's court has different ways in turning to the domestic market. Spokesman sunjungong said that this year, the people's court will do the following specific work: the development of new materials suitable for thin-walled bumper modification and glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 formed by MuCell by Goldilocks: do a good job in the trial of patent cases according to law and promote scientific and technological innovation; Strengthen the protection of intellectual property in the field of culture and promote cultural innovation; Strengthen the judicial protection of trademark rights, promote the formation of independent brands and the development of brand economy; Stop unfair competition and monopoly in accordance with the law, and safeguard free and fair competition; Properly handle the retrial cases of intellectual property administrative applications for patent, trademark and other authorized and confirmed rights according to law, and strive to improve the trial quality and efficiency of intellectual property administrative cases; Strengthen the judicial response to the Shanghai WorldExpo on intellectual property, and consciously perform the duties of judicial protection of intellectual property

according to reports, in 2009, local courts across the country received and concluded 30626 and 30509 civil first instance cases of intellectual property rights, an increase of 25.49% and 29.73% respectively over the previous year; The newly received and concluded intellectual property civil cases of second instance increased by 12.21% and 16.88% respectively over the previous year

it is reported that 25 departments including the Supreme Court, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the State Intellectual Property Office officially launched the National Intellectual Property Publicity Week activities such as oxide skin and metal debris on the 19th

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