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Jiangsu Xuzhou packaging waste replaceable school supplies

garbage and packaging waste were once a major problem affecting urban environmental protection and health. However, in Zhonggulou community, Qingnian Street, Yunlong District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, you can no longer see the shadow of packaging waste. Originally, they were deposited in the newly established "garbage bank" in the community

after a period of trial operation, Xuzhou's first community "garbage bank" was officially established recently. According to reports, in order to encourage children in the community to collect packaging waste such as plastic bags and cartons, the community specially taught them to classify and bag packaging waste according to the garbage classification method, and then "store" it in the community "garbage bank". The bank pays them "interest" every three months - these interests are not cash, but necessary items for school

in the "garbage bank" in the community, I saw a list of "interest" posted on the wall: the amount of money received from collecting packaging waste is more than 100 yuan, and the interest is a pair of student sports shoes; If the amount is between 100 and 50 yuan, you will get a schoolbag; If the amount is between 50 and 10 yuan, get a pencil, pencil sharpener, book and glue; According to the prediction, Jin won a pencil and a pencil sharpener each when he switched back and forth between 0 and 5 yuan for 1 appliance; The amount figure shows that the electronic experimental machine is suitable for users who only ask for force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. If it is less than 5 yuan, you can get a pencil. If the "customer" children of the "bank" urgently need to pay tuition fees, they can also "borrow" from the "garbage bank" first, and then "repay" with the garbage collected later

it is learned that there is also a "goods recycling center" established at the same time with the "garbage bank", which specifically purchases packaging waste from the "garbage bank", rewards children with the profits earned, and publishes the purchase prices of various wastes every day. According to wangguizhen, director of Zhonggulou community, the establishment of a community "garbage bank" is a practice borrowed from Thailand, which has not been seen in China. This practice of "garbage bank" can be described as killing three birds with one stone. It not only purifies the environmental sanitation in the community, but also turns waste into treasure. Based on the new construction area of 1.79 billion square meters in 2014, it provides necessary school supplies for children, and can also cultivate children's awareness of environmental protection and public morality of diligence and frugality

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