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Baota Shanqi and its suppliers jointly build a green supply chain. This year, it purchases 65000 tons of raw materials

Baota Shanqi and its suppliers jointly build a green supply chain. This year, it purchases 65000 tons of raw materials

October 18, 2018

wind and rain together, duea TBEA will make full use of this advantage, integrity and win-win, and forge a century of unity. On October 17, Shaanxi Baotashan paint Co., Ltd. held a supplier cooperation and seminar in Xi'an to promote the establishment of long-term win-win cooperative relations with suppliers. More than 130 representatives from 75 suppliers from all over the country discussed the cooperation plan with the middle and high level of Baota Mountain paint, Chinese coating coatingol C and gradually establish traceable channels through the certification system

xiongguirong, operation director of Baota Mountain paint, introduced that in 2018, the company purchased 65000 tons of various raw materials, with a year-on-year increase of 10.4%. The number of suppliers was 331, and the variety of raw materials reached 638, providing sufficient and high-quality raw materials for paint and coating production. At the same time, we should take active measures to deal with the price rise of raw materials and minimize the purchase cost

"the company should build a green supply chain with suppliers and work together to win-win value chain." Ren Chongli, general manager of Baota Shanqi, said that the green supply chain is the "safe haven" in the storm of enterprise environmental protection, that is, in the links of raw material procurement, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, packaging and recycling of products, minimize environmental pollution, realize green procurement, green storage, green production, green transportation and green use, and enhance the concept of renewable, sustainable and circular development, Handle the relationship between long-term interests and short-term interests, and constantly innovate the mode of cooperation

speech by Li songcai, chairman of Baota Shanqi

it is understood that Baota Shanqi has identified 14 strategic cooperation suppliers in recent years. At the supplier cooperation and seminar on the same day, Baota Shanqi signed and awarded contracts with Inner Mongolia Dingxin Lugang integrated energy Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd. respectively, bringing the number of strategic cooperation suppliers to 16

Inner Mongolia Dingxin Lugang comprehensive energy Co., Ltd. is the only fully qualified manufacturer of solvent oil using condensate as raw material in Inner Mongolia. "Since we established a close cooperative relationship with Baota Shanqi, both sides have always adhered to the concept of mutual benefit and win-win results, committed to building a long-term symbiotic supply chain structure, and formed a stable strategic cooperative relationship." Tong Youzhi, general manager of the company, said with emotion that Baota Shanqi has played a good demonstration and driving role for cooperative suppliers with its advanced business philosophy, strong innovation awareness and excellent corporate culture. We are proud to work with such an excellent enterprise

supplier cooperation and seminar site

Baota Shanqi makes printing not jam the printer nozzle. Chairman Li songcai said that suppliers are important external resources of enterprises. Baota Shanqi has always adhered to the business philosophy and corporate culture of honest stakeholders for a long time, and has also achieved a number of suppliers who have cooperated for more than 20 years, forming a good cooperative relationship. In the next 260 year development process when the demand reaches 200000 m3, Baota Shanqi will uphold and carry forward this concept, establish a more stable cooperative relationship with suppliers, and achieve the goal of common progress, integrity and win-win. (Li juntu/Wen)

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