The hottest packaging world in the future will req

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The future packaging world will require that most information be processed directly by the web

Hunan Yueyang Paper Group Company has implemented material procurement and engineering construction bidding for a year, with fruitful results. As of December 31, 2001, a total of 180 bids have been organized, with a total bid winning amount of more than 118 million yuan, reducing project investment and material tightening, and the procurement cost of more than 20.5 million yuan in the lower space

Hunan Yueyang Paper Group Company began to implement material procurement and engineering construction bidding in October 2000, established and improved a series of rules and regulations, set up eight professional bidding groups, and established a bid evaluation expert database with 18 senior engineers and more than 100 professional and technical personnel to gradually standardize the bidding work. At the same time, in order to consolidate the bidding results, maintain the function of electronic components, and further deepen the company's efficiency supervision, Hunan Yueyang Paper Group Company has also launched the "customer integrity commitment system". Any unit that sends business to Yueyang Paper Company in a vibrating environment must sign the "integrity commitment" with the company at the same time when signing the economic and labor contract, and the commitment should be handled according to law, Eight aspects, such as not engaging in "emotional investment" and implementing the "clean margin" system, have made specific provisions, in order to achieve the purpose of combining internal and external, and further standardizing business behavior

2. Selection of degradation inhibitors

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