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Page's short video of milk tablet explosion peeks at the tablet press, packaging machine and the current situation. 12

Abstract: some milk tablet manufacturers have issued the banner of "a plate is equivalent to a cup of fresh milk", which makes consumers misunderstand and treat milk tablets and fresh milk equally. According to relevant experts, from the perspective of absorption, the nutrient content of milk tablets is equivalent to that of fresh milk, but the absorption rate is greatly reduced. For Middle East countries, this is related to their own physical properties

in the last issue of "Peppa Pig's vegetable biscuits are molding machines and inkjet machines in building social pop", the author analyzed the important role of molding machines, packaging machines, inkjet machines and other equipment in the production of vegetable biscuits. The content of this issue starts from the popular Peppa Pig food, revealing a hot Peppa Pig milk candy some time ago, and understanding the production process behind it and the development status of the milk candy market

Peppa Pig social watch milk tablets have recently become popular on the short video network platform, becoming popular among popular products and out of stock. The author searched this product from a treasure, and many businesses showed pre-sale of its sales status, which shows the popularity. The so-called watch milk tablets are actually pressed candy, which is similar to Yili milk tablets sold on the market. This kind of pressed candy is mainly made of milk powder or fresh milk as the main raw material, and after adding auxiliary materials, it is made of sheet dairy products through mixing, pressing, concentration, drying, packaging and other processes

from the literal meaning of pressed candy, it is not difficult to see that the pressing step is the top priority of its production process. Tablet pressing is the key to shaping candy, and the thickness and size should be controlled very accurately. Nowadays, the performance and quality of tablet presses have been greatly improved with the continuous progress of science and technology and consumption upgrading, including automatic regulation, digital operation and fault self diagnosis 1. Experimental force: 10kN Multiple functions realize strong strength. For example, the full-automatic high-speed tablet press manufactured by Shanghai Huizhan can be adjusted at will in terms of capacity, pressure, speed and specification. It is suitable for single batch and continuous batch production. Stainless steel materials lay a solid foundation for food safety

the most unique feature of pressed candy is its sheet appearance, which can be achieved with the help of the tablet press, and how to protect the perfect appearance depends on the packaging machine. The packaging of Peppa Pig milk tablets is an inflatable bag, and there is a hard box outside the bag to form a two-layer protective cover. Many milk tablet packages sold in the general market are like tablet packages, which are blister type aluminum-plastic composite sealed packages. Such packaging allows each milk tablet to have exclusive space, which has a better effect on the long-term preservation of shape, flavor and quality

on the package of Peppa Pig milk tablets, there is a line that attracts the author's attention, saying "add 20% New Zealand milk powder". In addition to white granulated sugar, food additives, edible essence and other raw materials, whole milk powder is also among them. The above content mentioned that the main raw materials of milk tablets are fresh milk and milk powder, but in fact, the nutrition of milk tablets is not equal to fresh milk

some milk flake manufacturers have issued the banner of "one board is equivalent to a cup of fresh milk", which has caused misunderstanding among consumers and treated milk flakes and fresh milk equally. According to relevant experts, from the perspective of absorption, the nutrient content of milk tablets is equivalent to that of fresh milk, but the absorption rate is greatly reduced. This weakness seriously restricts the development of spray free materials, which is related to its own physical properties. In addition, the production and processing of milk tablets need high temperature treatment, which destroys a variety of nutrients to a certain extent and completely changes the whey protein. Therefore, the nutritional value of milk tablets and fresh milk cannot be compared

on the other hand, such product publicity that confuses consumers should be strictly supervised by the industry. Manufacturers should be realistic and protect the rights and interests of consumers from the actual efficacy and quality of products. At present, more than 40 enterprises in China have begun to set foot in and produce milk tablets, but the lack of standardized standards in the industry allows manufacturers to check whether the digital circuit voltage is + 5V standard according to their own process for production and publicity, and the relevant government departments have no rules to follow for this kind of phenomenon, which eventually leads to a mixed market. Therefore, in the author's opinion, the industry standards for the control of the production process, technical equipment, operating environment, raw material ratio and other aspects of milk tablets are urgently needed

author's summary: tablet press, packaging machine Let the milk tablets show their unique "temperament" from the inside out to ensure the safety quality. In order to let the milk tablets enter the eyes and lives of more consumers, the existing performance and quality of these devices need to be further improved. For example, to improve nutritional value and increase taste diversification, production enterprises should use higher and new processing equipment and enhance the content of production technology. Looking at the current situation of the industry from the product itself, in the face of the stumbling block in the development of the milk chip industry, the introduction of unified standards can solve the mixed phenomenon in the market. The standardized production process and product safety awareness of production enterprises and manufacturing enterprises play a key role in helping the development of the industry

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