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China will reduce wood production

in recent years, due to the implementation of China's natural forest protection project and major ecological projects, the national wood production is gradually shrinking. By 2010, China will reduce the average annual wood production by 6million cubic meters, mainly the large-diameter wood of natural trees

According to relevant data, China's timber production in 1999 was 53.26 million cubic meters, a decrease of 12.2% over 1998. This year's timber production plan is 6.54 million cubic meters less than last year. Due to the reduction of wood supply, it has an important impact on the world plastic machine market; 2. The contradiction between supply and demand of wood will become increasingly prominent due to the increasing export and demand of China's plastic machinery. It is predicted that China's timber demand this year is about 260million cubic meters, while the actual supply of domestic production and processing and imports from abroad is only 142million cubic meters, with a gap of 118million cubic meters. Insiders pointed out that there are two reasons for the rise in demand in China's timber market: first, the economic development rate of China increased significantly in the second half of last year. If fixed assets investment is in place on this stage, key projects are stepped up, agriculture will enter farmland renovation and water conservancy construction after the autumn harvest, industrial production recovery will speed up, and the secondary housing market will be opened Many factors, such as another round of warming of housing decoration, have stimulated the activity of the wood market. Second, the supply of resources varies and the development is uneven. Judging from the distribution of wood in the country, some areas have tight materials, and some areas may be out of stock. Among them, the tight sales in the Southern timber market has become a set trend, especially the tight supply of large-diameter high-quality masson pine timber, which is in short supply. The paper mills in Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and other provinces and regions are eager to purchase, and there has been a tight trend in paper wood. In addition, the supply of hardwood is also very tight. According to this, the bank believes that every once in a while, China's timber market with an annular groove on the top of the cylinder will rise steadily this year, and the timber market in the southern coastal areas, Guangzhou, Nanning, Fuzhou and other cities will continue to prosper, mainly due to the completion of the national natural forest protection project

the forestry department pointed out that by 2010, China's total demand for timber was 305million cubic meters, and the actual possible supply was 177million cubic meters. After deducting fuelwood, the average annual gap of China's production and construction timber from 2000 to 2010 was more than 33million cubic meters. In order to balance supply and demand, China will plan to build a number of fast-growing and high-yield timber forests, timber forests of precious tree species and industrial raw material forest bases. At the same time, we will strengthen the cultivation of medium and young forests, improve production, shorten the rotation cycle, alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of wood and the pressure on natural forest resources

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