The hottest packaging was imitated by Qiaqia melon

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Is the package imitated? Qiaqia melon seeds sued minren food. On December 25, Qiaqia Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qiaqia food") issued a statement saying that the appearance, packaging and decoration of the "yam crispy roll" product produced by Ruzhou minren Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "minren food") are very close to the "yam crispy chip" product produced by Qiaqia food, which has constituted an infringement of the relevant legitimate rights and interests of Qiaqia food. Qiaqia food has filed an infringement lawsuit against minren food and asked for compensation. This is the second infringement lawsuit recently filed by Qiaqia food

Qiaqia food said in the statement that after verification, minren food's "yam crispy roll" appearance packaging color, organizational elements, design style, overall visual effect and other aspects are very similar to Qiaqia's "yam crispy chip" products, which are also conducive to the production of chip discharge food, and even most of the packaging elements are exactly the same. Minren food "yam crispy roll" has constituted a violation of the relevant legitimate rights and interests of Qiaqia food

in view of this, Qiaqia food said, "Our company has never licensed minren food to use our design patents and other rights in any form. We have filed an infringement lawsuit against the infringement of minren food, asking minren food to stop the infringement and compensate our losses. Please check and immediately stop selling infringing products after receiving this letter. For those who can actively stop selling infringing products, our company will waive all legal proceedings, but if in January 2019 The combination of ABS and other materials is good. If the above infringing products are still sold in the future, our company will solve it through legal channels. "

this is the second infringement lawsuit recently filed by Qiaqia food. In July, 2018, Qiaqia food filed a lawsuit against maoxing food and other enterprises. Qiaqia food found the exclusion method of maoxing food: the outer packaging of similar melon seeds produced by taking out the damping needle significantly uses the same words as the "small and fragrant" trademark registered by Qiaqia food. The case was settled by maoxing food immediately stopping the infringement and paying compensation

insiders believe that the reason why Qiaqia food can so resolutely file a lawsuit and establish a joint venture between the two parties is due to its advance layout in terms of patents. It is understood that at present, Qiaqia food has applied for nearly 200 patents. It includes the processing methods and processes of sunflower seeds, chestnuts, watermelon seeds and other products, as well as the design patents of the packaging bags, boxes, cans and shells of Qiaqia food core products

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