Modular design of the most popular modern lathe

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Modular design of modern lathes

lathes with modular design can simplify production processes, shorten processing cycles and improve production efficiency. The rapid replacement of cutting tools and workpieces can ensure a substantial reduction in unit processing costs

at emohannover exhibition, lathe suppliers are a very important exhibition team, accounting for about 7%, accounting for about 12% of the exhibition area. At this emohannover2007 exhibition, the participating team did not change. Halleinemco company in Germany is a branch of emcomaiergmbh in Austria. From the point of view of Mr. dieterkaumann, the general manager of the company, "at present, the simplification of production process is a hot topic for customers, which is to concentrate all kinds of processes on one machine tool." This can further shorten the processing cycle in the customer's production process. Mr. kaumann said, "our motto is' design for your benefit '. Usually we need several machine tools to process the process. Now we only need one machine tool to complete it." In this regard, we can cite specific examples, such as contour feeding processing, deep hole drilling processing, notch processing, hard material processing, process measurement or deburring processing

in addition, another development trend is the continuous improvement of production flexibility. For the batch processing of multi size parts, the machine tool must be easy to clamp and debug, and can quickly adapt to the processing of other parts. Mr. kaumann said, "our main goal is to minimize the downtime of machine tools and improve the corresponding production efficiency." EMCO will display its main products at emohanover2007 exhibition, from the newly developed high-performance machining centers emcomeof and mecmill for general machinery production, to the representative emcoturn, maxxturn and hyperturn production lines, as well as to the newly developed conceptturn450 milling machine for training

huellerhilleggmbh is a branch of MAG industrial automation systems (magics), which received a batch of orders from the Czech bonatrans group company to produce two vertical lathes for processing locomotive wheels. According to the plan, the delivery date of the machine tool should be October, 2007. In 2005, huellerhille company has delivered two machine tools with similar design to bonatrans company, using automatic loading system. Vdm120rw 4-axis vertical lathe is equipped with 165KW transmission system, which is converted into torque for the cutting of train wheels, and the cutting tool adopts the corresponding gear, so that there are two tools on the wheel for cutting at the same time. In the pre machining process, the maximum cutting depth can reach 12mm. The whole process is called sequential processing. The first and second clamping and debugging on the machine tool occur successively. In this process, the turning of the wheel is automatically completed by the gantry tool loading system after the first clamping and debugging

there is no need to stop work when replacing worn tools

the tools required for two clamping, debugging and processing are installed on a 4-sided rotating workbench. When replacing worn tools, the machine tool does not need to stop working, because the machine tool is equipped with a tool magazine that can hold 24 tools. If necessary, replace the worn tool with a new one at the same time. During the peak period of processing, the tools in the tool magazine can also be loaded and unloaded manually by the machine operator

when the new tool is installed, it will be measured by Renishaw system and automatically corrected by Siemens control system. All machine tools are equipped with a Prome Tec interrupt control system to monitor the process. When cutting is interrupted or the tool is extremely worn, the tolerance limit of the feed force monitor will be exceeded, which will lead to the automatic shutdown of the feed device. Therefore, the tool can be automatically replaced during the picking process

flexturn lathe is a good example of efficient automatic machine tool. The lathe adopts robot loading and unloading, and Dr ING。 Manufactured by robertstopp machine tool company. The lathe provided by the company adopts horizontal spindle, with various designs and compact structure. It can load and unload workpieces from the back, so it leaves a lot of space for operators. For example, the modular structure of the machine tool includes a linear tool system that can run quickly and periodically, a tool rotation device, a pallet system, and additional special processing units

the CNC lathe equipped with a 15 day horizontal spindle without significant impact has a variety of design forms, which is suitable for the processing of various soft and hard materials. Manufacturers can provide various modules according to customers' requirements. For example, the automation system module of the 100% control system and the special module whose configuration is particularly suitable for the customer's processing technology. The module includes four types of headstock, three CNC axes with different sizes and different strokes, machine tool bed made of polymer concrete, automation device through module processing and special solutions

considering the best processing scheme, vertical turning is the most ideal processing method for many materials. The CNC lathe provided by the company adopts a vertical spindle, which is suitable for the processing of soft and hard materials. This kind of machine tool can also be equipped with corresponding automation modules according to the requirements of customers

dz45 CNC machine tool is a series of products of weilerwerkzeugmaschinengmbh. Its host has different models, with moderate cost performance. When you use it, you should pay attention to some details, which is suitable for customers. Its product range includes belt driven 2-axis lathes suitable for simple turning, machine tools equipped with tailstock and electric tools, spindle equipped with hollow shaft motor and machine tools suitable for all-round processing, and y-axis can also be configured. All these machine tools are equipped with Siemens 810/840D control system that has been tested in practice

it has the best stability and dynamics in the milling process.

the frame of the machine tool adopts a stable three in one structure, and the bed supporting the machine tool is made of 45 ° cast iron. The machine tool is equipped with hollow shaft motor, hydraulic device, control cabinet and liquid flow air cooling system. Compared with previous models, the machine tool is equipped with a strong and durable guide rod, with a wide guide clearance, and increases the driving power of the spindle, so as to ensure the best stability and dynamics in the milling process

each spindle of dz45 machine tool is equipped with a safety clutch. The hydraulic tailstock and its new path measurement system are combined with the guide rod, which can move in the whole working area like the NC tailstock, and its driving force can be adjusted by programming. Its reverse axis can be used for comprehensive machining of complex workpieces. Like the main shaft, its size is 42mm and its speed is 6000r/min

the reverse shaft has all the functions of NC tailstock and can be used as a support or drill handle. The path measurement on the x-axis is directly realized through the path measurement system, but this is often a beautiful desire. The quick switch tool rotation device can be installed with 12vdi30 tool station and 16vdi25 tool station

when users ask what requirements modern lathes need to meet, Joachimtomaseti, President of thhdrehteileggmbh, said, "for us, the concept of automatic machine tools is the competitive basis of equipment prices. We need the safety and continuity of processing. As a lathe ordered according to the contract, it is also very important to meet the following conditions: simple operation, small floor area, fast clamping and debugging." Mr. thomasseemann, sales director of allweierpraezionsteilegmbh, agreed with this statement. He said, "as users, the reason why they give priority and decide to purchase equipment is the processing time that can be shortened through the automation system."

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