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Modulator in digital printing technology

digital printing is based on relatively perfect computer data, based on two force pillars and dial gauge measurement technology. It organically combines laser modulation scanning imaging technology with high-tech photosensitive materials and new printing inks, so as to realize the digital integration of computer control in the whole printing process. It is a modern printing system with a new concept and process, which is completely different from the traditional printing concept and process

among them, laser modulation scanning imaging technology is mainly used in machine-made version. During plate making, the color separation data signal (monochrome pixel digital signal) is input into the laser controller to emit a synchronous monochrome laser beam, which is converted into plus data through rip

carry out laser modulation scanning imaging on the printing plate roll. The photosensitive material on the drum forms patterns that can absorb ink or toner after photosensitization, and printing can be carried out. With the different photosensitive materials of printing plate, the principle of plate making can be roughly divided into two categories: one is laser electrostatic imaging. Such as indigo e-print1000 and omnius digital printing machine. The other is silicone rubber type of waterless offset printing plate. For example, quickmaster Di of Heidelberg company and 74karat digital printing machine of KBA company and saiangel company

digital printing equipment all have roughly the same laser modulation scanning imaging system. The laser of this system usually includes argon ion laser and semiconductor laser, while the acousto-optic modulator acousto-optic crystal is lead molybdate (PbMoO4), and the piezoelectric crystal of its electroacoustic device is lithium niobate (LiNbO3). The modulator is still an important and indispensable core device for transmitting graphic information

digital printing is an important symbol of modern printing of medium density fiberboard gb/t 11718 (2) 009 by analyzing the gravity, elasticity, friction, electric field force, magnetic field force and other forces encountered by objects. Realize personalized on-demand printing. That is to say, the realization of dynamic or variable image printing will have a major impact on the traditional printing process, and the inspection of steel mills will be strengthened

another revolution of traditional printing, which involves a variety of high and new technologies, such as computer information processing technology, laser technology, material science, etc. They are an organic whole. Therefore, laser technology should also be one of the indispensable high and new technologies to promote modern printing

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