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Agilent released new industrial handheld instruments with enhanced display and safety features

Agilent technology recently announced five new products in the handheld instrument series. U1273a handheld digital multimeter is a rugged and ergonomic u1270 series. Based on the existing features, the high-definition OLED display is replaced. Four new u1190 series can also be wrapped with wrapping paper. The pincer table is a low-cost supplement to the existing u1270 series

with the help of high-definition OLED display, u1273a redefines the display standard of industrial electronic measurement handheld multimeter. The display has a contrast ratio of up to 2000:1, providing an indoor visual angle of up to 160 degrees. The excellent display effect improves the convenience of reading and enhances the accuracy of reading

u1273a has a waterproof and dust-proof design, which can greatly improve the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials. Using functions such as intelligent resistance to improve the measurement results and minimize the impact of residual voltage caused by leakage current on the reading

u1190 series pincers can safely measure 400 to he added: "But the current is in the range of 600 a. the pincer meter is equipped with a wire separator and a hook to facilitate the smooth measurement in the tangled cable bundle by technicians. Sarlink 17100 series compounds can maintain good sealing at high temperatures. In addition, the built-in lighting lamp installed on the base of the pincer meter can provide direct lighting in poor light environments, and meets the safety level of cat III 600 v/cat IV 300 v.

Agilent vice president and foundation EE Huei sin, general manager of the basic instruments division, said, "the unique functions of the new handheld instruments have brought great confidence and convenience to customers, and can meet the on-site fault debugging needs of different industrial applications. While further expanding the handheld instruments, we will continue to fulfill Agilent's commitment: to create reliable tools and provide customers with rich and key functions on the basis of ease of use."

Gooi soon Chai, vice president and general manager of Agilent's electronic instruments division, added: "Agilent has been committed to using innovative methods to simplify the daily tasks of customers using handheld test instruments."

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