Modular concrete mixing of Zhonghuo Nan'an Nanfang

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Nan'an Nanfang Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. modular concrete mixer control system

this system is an automatic system supporting road construction machinery manufacturers, which is specially used for the production control of concrete mixing stations. The system adopts two-level control, with upper and lower computers

the lower computer adopts modular PLC to complete data acquisition and processing, fuzzy adjustment and other functions. On the premise of ensuring the due measurement accuracy (aggregate, cement, water can be accurate to 0.1kg, additive can be accurate to 0.01kg), using software to process the signal of the weighing sensor greatly reduces the manufacturing and operation cost of the system, and also makes the system have good scalability, upgrading, and low upgrading cost

the upper computer completes the functions of data dynamic tracking and display, animation simulation of production process, measurement data management, data query, report output and so on. The report output module is flexible, and users can use WYSIWYG method to conveniently and quickly set the content and form of the report dynamically according to their own needs; The stored production data is automatically transmitted and generated by the lower computer according to the actual data. Users cannot modify the production data to ensure that the timely and accurate production data is far greater than the maximum elongation at 100% operating load; Warehousing, and greatly reduce the workload of field operators. This system integrates commercial data management and on-site intelligent control, which greatly enhances the market competitiveness of products and improves the economic benefits of enterprises

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